2nd International Conference ICRF 2014

Ingot Casting Rolling Forging

Milano 07/05/2014

About ICRF - In 2009, AIM organized the 1st International Conference Hot Forming of Steels & Product Properties, in Grado. Three years later, the Steel Institute VDEh held the 1st International Conference Ingot Casting, Rolling & Forging, in Aachen.
These two successful experiences induced AIM to organize the 2nd ICRF, that will provide a forum for researchers and manufacturers involved in the scientific and technical developments of ingot casting production, from conventional ingot casting to the remelting processes, to obtain improved steel cleanness.
ICRF2014 will also focus on rolling and forging technologies: rolling manufacturers, forge masters and end-users will present current and future challenges for steelmakers, as well as new developments in forming technology, simulation and testing.
This meeting is aimed at creating an opportunity for a technical exchange at an international level among the numerous experts involved in the specific and strategic hot forming production route: steelmakers and producers of semis (ingots, blooms, billets etc.), forming operators, designers of plastically formed products, research centers and laboratories engaged in quality control and in innovation activities.
The decision to include the entire technological route is intended to favor a fruitful discussion and interaction among the different realities, and it will offer a good opportunity to improve quality, performance, efficiency, safety qualification procedures and the preparation of reference standards for hot forming process and plastically deformed products.
During the Congress, thanks to the cooperation with Siderweb.com, the attendees will have the opportunity to follow a session devoted to market issues, called “Steel Market Outlook”.



Conference website: www.aimnet.it/icrf2014.htm



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