International Workshop Industry 4.0: Safety 4.0

Como - Italy 05/10/2017

Whilst safety in the steel and metallurgical industry has improved considerably, the ‘zero’ goal - an injury-free and healthy workplace - remains our ultimate target. Industry 4.0 can have a big impact in the steelmaking plant to transform how safety is managed, so that it becomes Industry 4.0 for Safety 4.0. Big data collection and analytics can help providing more precise data for operational control. The Internet of Things (IoT) will help improve equipment safety through a better maintenance and these technologies should help reduce workplace absenteeism and increase employee motivation thanks to a better and more engaging working environment.
This international meeting aims at sharing the currently available knowledge about the impact of industry 4.0 key enabling technologies on safety by clear expositions about:
• improvement of data, processes and procedures to help the steel industry deliver on its key mission to eliminate accidents;
• measuring performance in achieving good safety and health standards;
• management of working environment with the highest standards of safety and health conditions;
• innovative technologies for reducing the human presence in risky areas;
• safe interactions between humans and machines in the time of Industry 4.0;
• sharing good practices and good ideas in integrating Safety 4.0 into all business management
processes that work well in one plant and could also be a success in another plant.


TOPICS - The workshop will be performed through invited presentations and on the basis of the selection of the abstracts sent by authors and companies to present their products, technologies and experiences -examples/showcases - of Industry 4.0 applications for safety, on the following topics:
· Safety performance data management with highly automated systems
· Prediction of safety events by big data analysis

· Collaborative Robotics (how humans and robots will soon be working safely together in close proximity)
· Machine safety (create
exible production workows with a high level of automation, while at the same time ensuring that people, machines and plants stay protected)
· Access control and maintenance in the industrial site
· Smart warehouses
· Access to dangerous site (i.e. video control by drones)
· Control of operational personnel in hazardous places
· Intelligent sensor technology to ensure the personnel safety
· Intelligent personal protective equipment (PPE)
· Training on Industry 4.0 applied to safety

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