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May 2019

The european steel technology platform’s strategic research agenda: a further step for the steel as backbone of eu resource and energy intense industry sustainability
K. Peters, E. Malfa, V. Colla

Off-gas energy valorisation in high-performance electric arc furnaces
A. Foresti, S. Santarossa, N. Monti, G. Di Zanni, C. Milo

Developing a new process to agglomerate secondary raw material fines for recycling in the electric arc furnace – the FINES2EAF project
T. Echterhof, T. Willms, S. Preiß, M. Omran, T. Fabritius, D. Mombelli, C. Mapelli, S. Steinlechner, I. Unamuno, S. Schüler, D. Mudersbach, T. Griessacher

High temperature deformation behaviour of an industrial S32760/1.4501/F55 super duplex stainless steel (SDSS) alloy  
N. Șerban, V. D. Cojocaru, M. L. Angelescu, D. Răducanu, I. Cinca, A. N. Vintilă, E. M. Cojocaru

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