7th International Congress on Science and Technologies of Steelmaking

Venezia/Mestre, Italy 13/06/2018

The 7th International Congress on Science and Technology of Steelmaking (ICS
2018) will be organized by AIM, the Italian Association for Metallurgy, in Italy in
June 2018. ICS 2018 will provide a forum for researchers and manufacturers involved in the scientifc and technical developments of steelmaking.
This meeting is aimed at creating an opportunity for a technical exchange at an
international level among the numerous experts involved in the steelmaking.
AIM will host as an integral part of ICS 2018 its traditional Conference on
Heat Treatments - XXVI Convegno Nazionale Trattamenti Termici - which
will start on 13 June, with a whole day in Italian language for Italian technicians and researchers and will go on the following days with technical sessions exclusively in English language. Therefore the topics of ICS 2018
will be integrated with the topics of Heat Treatments and Surface Engineering.
We kindly invite you to participate in ICS 2018 and are looking forward to meeting you in Venice!

The program of ICS 2018 will feature sessions on:
• Continuous Casting - Fluid Flow & Solidifcation
• Continuous Casting - Mold Fluxes
• Continuous Casting - Slab Quality Control
• EAF Steelmaking
• Electro Slag Remelting
• Hot Metal Pretreatment
• Industry 4.0 & Automation
• Non-metallic inclusions
• Oxygen Steelmaking
• Process Fundamentals
• Products & Technology
• Secondary Refning
• Sustainability & Environment, Recycling & Use of by-Products

Please visit the Congress website: www.aimnet.it/ics2018.htm



Tuesday, 12 June: 17:00-18:30

Wednesday, 13 June: from 8:00 

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