8th European Oxygen Steelmaking Conference

Taranto 10/10/2018

The European Oxygen Steelmaking Conference (EOSC) series is organised in turn by one of the European Metallurgical Societies and Associations. As such it represents the most comprehensive expert knowledge in steelmaking.
After 21 years, the Conference will be organized once again in Italy in Apulia.
The Conference will present the state of the art technologies and developments and discuss technology issues related to the specific requirements of oxygen steelmaking.
The Conference will focus on the latest development in primary steelmaking, ladle metallurgy, plant operation experience, automotive and on-line process analyses, improving steel quality and environmental protection.
Equipment suppliers will present their relevant products and latest technologies in the exhibition area.
We kindly invite you to participate in EOSC 2018 and are looking forward to meeting you in the beautiful Puglia!


Technical Sessions:
Automation and on-line process analyses
Charge materials and their preparation
Environmental protection
Fundamentals of oxygen steelmaking process
Ladle Metallurgy    
Physical and mathematical modeling of the process    
Plant operation experience
Technologies of stainless steel
Technologies of the primary steelmaking I
Waste management

The official language of the Conference will be English.


Organising Secretariat
AIM - Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia
Via Filippo Turati 8, 20121 Milan - Italy
Tel. +39 02 76021132 Fax +39 02 76020551
E-mail: aim@aimnet.it
Website: http://www.aimnet.it/eosc2018



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