High tech die casting

International Conference

Vicenza 01/07/2020

HTDC 2020 will be held once again in Vicenza, where the 1st HTDC Conference took place in 2002.
Through the years, the HTDC Conference has grown and become a key-event for scientists and researchers from the foundry field of Aluminium, Magnesium and other non-ferrous alloys as well as for experts from the industry. The HTDC Conference series has been steadily growing in quality, impact and participation in the following conferences, organised in 2004, 2006, 2008, 2012 and 2016.
The HTDC Conference is the meeting point for experts involved in the research activities and development of foundry technologies, processes or materials, as well as those employed by the foundry companies of light and non-ferrous alloys, and who are prepared to share some of their current experiences.
Today, Die Casting production is facing new challenges: from eco-sustainability and efficient energy usage to optimisation of product properties and finishing, from tailored alloys’ properties to design of lightweight larger structural components. Only an “open-minded” approach, resulting in a high capability of being innovation-driven, integration-oriented and implementation-ready, will make Die Casting foundries successful in an international market dominated by strong competition.

To sustain the competitiveness in Die Casting production, HTDC 2020 will cover these key features:
- innovations, from alloys to processes, from design to applications, which are available to foundries, suppliers, end-users;
- multi-disciplinary integration of concepts, methods and processes;
- implementation, into the industrial context, of new and modern solutions for quality, efficiency, high performance.

The scientific and technical program of HTDC 2020 will be defined by a Scientific Committee, representing the most important international institutions and companies involved in Die Casting and related technologies. HTDC 2020 will be an exhaustive Conference focusing on scientific, technical and management innovations in the field of Die Casting, with papers and contributions from a very qualified panel of experts, with both academic and industrial background.

HTDC 2020 website: http://wwww.aimnet.it/htdc2020.htm

Call for papers
To make the participation to the Conference easier and efficient, both oral and poster sessions will be organised. According to these guidelines, the programme of HTDC 2020 will be defined by the Scientific Committee. Authors, however, are encouraged to specify their preference for oral or poster session. The papers will be published in “La Metallurgia Italiana”, the International Journal of the Italian Association for Metallurgy, which is indexed by ISI web of Science and Scopus, after standard peer review.
Prospective authors wishing to present papers are invited to submit a tentative title and an abstract of about 300 words (in English) to the Organising Secretariat. The abstract should provide sufficient information for a fair assessment and include the title of the paper, the author’s names and contact details (address, telephone and e-mail address) and the preference for oral or poster session.

Sponsorship opportunities
Companies will be able to enhance their corporate identification by taking advantage of benefits offered to them as Sponsors of the Conference.
Companies interested in sponsoring the Conference may contact the Organising Secretariat.

Conference organisers

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