27th IFHTSE Congress & European Conference on Heat Treatment 2022 - September 5-8, 2022 - Salzburg - Austria. DOWNLOAD CALL FOR PAPERS



4th Ingot Casting, Rolling and Forging Conference - ICRF 2022 - Pittsburgh, Pa., USA, 21-23 June 2022. For any information, visit the Conference Website.


AIM announces the 12th TOOLING 2022 Conference & Exhibition, to be held 25-27 April 2022 in Örebro (Sweden). 

The conference topics are cold and hot working tool steels, high speed steels, plastic mold steels, hard metals and cermets, steel/material design, tool steel development, microstructure, properties and performance, production of tool steels, simulations and modelling, additive manufacturing, processing, machining, polishing, heat treatment, surface engineering and coating, wear resistance, fatigue under mechanical and thermal cyclic loads, corrosion resistance, tooling applications, tooling contributions to e-mobility, digitalization in the tool steel and toolmaking industry, sustainable toolmaking including health aspects, circular economy and tooling supply chain. 

All further information about TOOLING 2022 (online submission possibility, deadlines, the sponsor possibilties) can be found on the conference website.